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The one where I'm finished forever!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 11:05 AM


I haven't updated in quite some time.... Why is that? Well I've been busy finishing up my University life! I got my results, moved back home with my parents and had my graduation! It's been one hell of a hectic few months, but things are finally starting to slow down for me.
Right now the next important thing on the agenda is perfecting my CV and finding a job~ And of course finishing my costumes for AmeCon!

Which are, if anybody is interested, as follows!

  • Mystery thingy whooofdoklsjdf: I'm making up a little something to surprise one of my good friends on Friday with~~ OoooOOoooOOOO~~~ I'm pretty certain the person in question doesn't read this so I didn't disguise the picture on the far left too hard.
  • Homura Akemi - Madoka Magica: With a tight group of lovely ladies, I'm really excited to do this! Just super nervous because holy shit I'm not kawaii at all, it could turn out VERY interestingly, haha.
  • Sokka - Avatar: The Last Airbender: I wore him for Japan Expo this month, but he's coming out again, this time with all the adjustments I need to make and hopefully a boomerang! I shaved my head for him, so I really wanted to get more than one wear out of the costume, haha! I'll be wearing this with my wonderful wife Isamiaella and Emi-zone as my flying sister~~
  • Syaoran Li - Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle: Isamiaella is going to be cosplaying Sakura with me, so we have these amazing matching outfits for the ball on Sunday night! They're really gorgeous costumes for summer, and I have so many ideas for photoshoots I want to do with them after the convention~ <3

Aaaaand that's it! Because of final year uni committments and money I spent going to Paris I'm unable to finish Azula to the standard I want in time, and my Korra wig won't be arriving until mid-August, so I've unfortunately had to put both of those plans on the back-burner for now. Depending on how much time and money I have left nearer the con I might make Azula's beach party outfit from Episode 305 as it's really simple and totally cute.

Other than that, Japan Expo was a right lark! I had an amazing time with Emi-zone and Zombi-zone in Paris, around the convention and most importantly in DISNEYLAND! I'll link to Emi's amazing journal when it inevitably goes up, as I didn't take a camera with me, because she has a whooooole load of classy pictures of us.
Aside from problems with the hotel (the -ahem- ANTS NEST IN OUR ROOM) and how expensive everything was I had a really, really great time. It was so good to be there to support yuka-rin and DahliaGrimm as our UK reps in ECG... To the point where I think I totally embarrassed them by screaming and whooping when they came on the screen.... Can't be tamed!!!!!"11


Since my last journal entry I seem to have acquired well over a magical 6000 page views, 1000 comments and 300 watchers!! All in one year! Well, wow, thank you so much! I also uploaded my 60th Deviation the other day, so this is a real winner combo journal.
Thank you everyone who takes the time to comment, fave and watch me, I appreciate it all so much! You're all absolute stars!!! <3<3<3

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Fi is an amazing cosplayer whom I've had the pleasure of meeting only a few times, but have admired from afar for a while!
She's an absolute sweetheart, talented cosplayer and very gifted photographer!! And I will be forever gutted I lost her in Disneyland!!

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LingeringSentiments Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
:iconsokkawaveplz: Ooh looks like you have some big plans!

I'm looking forward to that Sokka cosplay.
felixize Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Yeah, I hope I can get them all done in time, not long to go now!!
LingeringSentiments Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Haha, then it's the final stretch!
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